Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gontyna Kry- Przebudzic ze Snu (1994)

Often in black metal, demos are much more than demos; they’re basically lo-fi albums or EPs. However, Przebudzic ze Snu, the very first recording by Polish black metalers Gontyna Kry is most definitely a true demo.  This is an extremely brief and shoddy recording that still manages to hint at the band’s untapped potential. 

The production actually isn’t too bad for this kind of recording. It is very raw and there is a decent amount of hiss, but all the instruments are audible. The vocals, guitars and drums are well balanced and the bass… well I don’t think there is any bass. On a few occasions there appear to be gaps in the recording, but otherwise this is a good example of how to record black metal on a budget. 

The album consists of three tracks. The first track is an instrumental piece for multiple guitars (I count three). The guitars weave deliciously melodic harmonies, creating a web of melodic bliss. Sadly the track is only one minute. The second track is an epic piece of black metal in the vein of Master’s Hammer circa Ritual. There is a beautiful but anxious lead that eventually progresses to a violent middle passage (in which the drummer aimlessly beats the shit out of his drum kit) before returning to a more melodious tone at the end. The vocals are prominent and are a similar in style to Varg on the early Burzum albums. The final track is a folk piece that layers more harmonic electric guitar atop jangly acoustic guitar. It’s a mere forty-five seconds, but what a beautiful forty-five seconds it is!

For such a short recording, Gontyna Kry does well. The intro and outro definitely make the listener want to hear more and though the central track has its flaws, it is strong enough to peak the listener’s curiosity. That is ultimately what a demo should accomplish. So all in all Przebudzic ze Snu is a job well done. 

Overall: 6/10

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